Dr. Kaylynn Brown

Dr. Kaylynn Brown MS, PhD, DD, EdS

Life can be challenging at times, providing clients with the understanding that change is part of life and together we will work together to get through their struggles. Aiding clients with the understanding of living by Faith, to be Known by Love, and to be a Voice of Hope! My counseling practice began to fulfill a great need of Christian counseling. Providing clients with the ability to be healthy, happy and comforted with a belief of hope and peace in a time of need.

I enjoy counseling for adolescents, adults, marriage and families. I have experience with behavioral therapy, assisting families and children with 504/IEP, trauma, addiction, anxiety/depression, grief, individual, marriage, family therapy, Military and civil service members and families. I look forward to hearing from you and developing a plan to work through your main area of concern. Together we will identify strategies and skills to help you move closer to your goal.

Dr. Brown is a Certified Military Family Provider, Certified Military Service member Provider, Certified Combat Military Family provider and a Certified Combat Veteran Provider. As a Combat Veteran spouse Dr. Brown understands the unique struggles military families and spouses may have in addition to having first hand knowledge as a combat veteran spouse. In addition Dr. Brown is also a trauma informed provider and a Certified PTSD and Complex PTSD provider.

Dr. Kaylynn Brown  is a therapist specializing in individual, couples and family therapy. Dr. Brown is a board certified drugless practitioner and maintains a private practice in  Liberty Hill & Cedar Park, Texas.  Dr. Brown has mentioned many mentors that she has had prior to founding Eternal Grace Counseling, where she is the sole provider.  Dr. Brown founded Eternal Grace Counseling in 2013 where her main goal was to provide exceptional Christian counseling. Since founding Eternal Grace Counseling Dr. Brown has also been blessed with  the opportunity to give back through mentoring other providers. Dr. Brown founded Liberty Hill Counseling center in 2019 in hopes of providing additional and necessary mental health resources to the community and surrounding area.  Since founding Liberty Hill Counseling Center there has been a great increase in needs for the community and additional associates have joined Liberty Hill Counseling Center. Dr. Brown hopes that Liberty Hill Counseling Center is able to give back to the community through mental health services and support. 

On behalf of all of the providers and staff we look forward to serving you and growing with you in your journey. 

Lacey Eaton, MA, LPC

Lacey Eaton, MA, LPC

Lacey Eaton is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  Lacey’s primary area of practice has been working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in conjunction with their caregivers.  Lacey has participated in rigorous training in this field as well as Positive Psychology and being an EMDR trained therapist. 

Lacey has experience aiding clients with anxiety, depression, grief, caregiver burden, PTSD as a result of domestic violence or abuse. Lacey enjoys supporting clients in finding their voice by discovering their strengths and how to apply them in their day to day life. Discovering our strengths allows us to face each day with a different perspective.  
We are all faced with challenges in our lives and need support from time to time. Lacey approaches her clients from a wellness perspective which is all encompassing and essential to living a quality life.  A wellness perspective includes our mental health, our career, our spirituality, relationships, physical health, and so much more. Lacey takes a coaching approach in which a path is set to navigate together empowering you to achieve your goals. 
Lacey has been a trusted colleague of Dr. Brown since 2012 and has been an associate with Dr. Brown since 2019. Lacey is excited to partner with Liberty Hill Counseling Center by providing telehealth appointments to older adolescents and adults. Lacey looks forward to growing with you in your journey.

Anne Beem

Anne Beem, MS, PC, NCC

We all want to make the world a better place, and we all find obstacles that keep us from meeting our goals and from growing in the ways we want to physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s a valuable tool to find someone who sees our true potential and will walk objectively with us through our hurts and hang-ups. 

Anne enjoys working with people of all ages through life-changes, traumas, spiritual-hurts, and relational riffs. I have experience working with children, adolescents, families, and adults in community mental health facilities, church ministries, and in a private practice setting (virtually as well when appropriate). 

Anne looks forward to partnering with you wherever your journey has brought you and excited to see the next steps of health and happiness in your life. Together we will create goals, a plan, and a strategy to help you be best connected to yourself, your faith, and those people you love.

Anne has been a trusted colleague of Dr. Brown since 2010 and an associate with Dr. Brown since early 2020. Anne is excited to partner with Liberty Hill Counseling Center providing in person and telehealth appointments for children, adolescents, individuals and families.

Melissa Underwood

Melissa Underwood, RN

Melissa has been a registered nurse for 17 years, beginning her career in Labor and Delivery and Neonatal ICU.  Melissa found a deep love for patients in the Hospice and Home Health setting, in this type of setting there is immense care that goes into the patient and family's mental health.  Melissa now finds herself practicing nursing in the school setting, in this setting as well many students have need to just have someone to talk to or process through emotions and feelings. Nurses play a large role in mental healthcare and  work closely with treatment teams to develop individualized patient plans, aiming to maximize care and help patients live productive lives. They also provide individual counseling to patients and families to help them understand the illness.  

Melissa utilizes psychological and counseling methods to assist in behavior and mental health changes for children, adolescents and women.  Melissa enjoys assisting patients and families develop an understanding of their emotions due to trauma, hurt and loss. Melissa has a love for helping children and adolescents work through tough emotions to be more productive and reduce stress. Together we will create goals, a plan, and a strategy to help you be best connected to yourself, your faith, and those people you love.

Melissa has been a trusted colleague of Dr. Brown since 2019 and has been an associate with Dr. Brown since 2020. Melissa is excited to partner with Liberty Hill Counseling Center by providing individual counseling for children, adolescents and women in person and telehealth appointments.